Current Project 

With excitement in our pixels and smiles between our spaces we’re proud to present to you the upcoming youth exchange “La Storia Nostra: Towards Active Citizenship”!! 

Chaordica (NL), in partnership with Dynamo International (BE), Paradiso Ritrovato (IT) and Fryshuset (SE) collaborates to bring a diverse group of 40 young people together in an alpine medieval village in Italy to empower themselves as a group and individually to be/become active agents in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable society.

This youth exchange wishes to strengthen the capacity of young people to make a difference and find their unique response to personal, social and ecological challenges.

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What can you expect? What will we be doing?

We will use experiential education, outdoor activities and cooperative games and methods such as “Art of Hosting”; “Open Forum”; “Theater of the Oppressed”; “World Café” to work on the following objectives:

  • Learn about inclusion, cooperation and active citizenship through interactive workshops and group conversation
  • Increase self-awareness by engaging with issues such as identity and culture.
  • Building bridges across different cultures and creating a healthy and inclusive community
  • Go out into the mountains and discover the beautiful Italian Alps. Go hiking and swimming at the waterfall.



Learning can be fun and active! You will get involved and learn by doing

  • Learn about sustainability by doing hands-on projects. For example organic gardening, restoration with natural materials, collecting edible plants from the forest, up-cycling…
  • Taking group decisions together
  • Step into our leadership skills by organising a public event with creative performances, organic food and fun activities about sustainability and social inclusion
  • Organize and take part in the evening programs to get to know each other, and have a good time!


How much will it cost?

We are working very hard to make full scholarships available for all participants. Money should not be a barrier to joining the youth exchange, it needs to be inclusive for all!

However, a free donation between € 0-700 per participant, dependent on what you can afford to contribute, would be very helpful. This will be used to cover transportation, food, lodging and participation costs of 40 young people from many different backgrounds, and eventually ensures that these can all fully and equally participate, regardless of their economic conditions.


Where and when, again?

The exchange takes place from 1-16 July in an amazing abandoned Alpine village in north-Italy, surrounded by beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and sustainable projects. The village is called Piana di Forno, and is located in the Valstrona valley. Once you’ve applied and been accepted, we will send you an info-package with more details about how to get there and what to bring along.


How can I apply?

If you’re between 16-19 years, living in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden or Italy, you can apply freely by registering through this application form!