Current Project 

With excitement in our pixels and smiles between our spaces we’re working on the upcoming youth exchange “La Storia Nostra: Towards Active Citizenship” in July 2019!! 

Paradiso Ritrovato (IT), Fryshuset (SE), Dynamo International (BE) and Chaordica (NL) are currently learning from and working together with a motivated group of young people to empower themselves as a group and individually to be/become active agents in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable society.

This youth exchange wishes to support the (personal) development, (self)awareness and (self)confidence of young people, thereby strengthening their capacity to make a difference and find their unique response to personal, social and ecological challenges.



What will we be doing?

  • Ice-breakers and cooperative games to get to know each other and our stories
  • Learn together about inclusion, cooperation and active citizenship through interactive workshops and group conversations
  • Go out into the mountains and discover the beautiful Italian Alps.
  • Meet other young people from around Europe and make new friends
  • We will engage ourselves in outdoor activities and non-formal learning methods such as “Art of Hosting”; “Open Forum”; “Theater of the Oppressed”; “World Café” to work on the following objectives:
    • Increase self-awareness by engaging with issues such as identity and culture.
    • Building bridges across different cultures and creating a healthy and inclusive community.
    • Acquire a deeper understanding of some of the most current problems, such as the limits of capitalism, sustainable development, racism, etc.
    • Develop skills to help improve the local community
  • Learn about sustainability by doing hands-on projects. For example organic gardening, restoration with natural materials, collecting edible plants from the forest, up-cycling…
  • Taking group decisions together
  • Step into our leadership skills by organising a public event with creative performances, organic food and fun activities about sustainability and social inclusion
  • Get to know each other, and have a good time!