Erasmus+ ambassadors!!!

We’re humbled, honoured and excited to be chosen as ambassador project by Erasmus+. Of course, the true credits belong to the entirety of La Storia Nostra and every single person that made that project feel like pure magic! #stilldoesalittledance #notusfeelingfothermuckingproud

Click here to read the article (Dutch) and here to watch the interview (with English subtitles).

#hibye La Storia Nostra <3

Time runs, and so do shared tears, new inspiring thoughts, joyful laughter through our bodies, feet as they reach the bottom of a mountain after a two day hike through the beautiful Alps.

Friendships were formed, empowerment experienced and the seeds of skills were sown in the two weeks of the youth exchange that we spent living and working together.

For a tiny taster of what that might have looked like, watch this clip below. More footage will follow!

#hibye APV

What do Piana di Forno, participation, partnership, play, power, peaceful landscapes, planning, pizza’s, perfect vibes and 12 pppppretty cool people have in common? 

Not much… EXCEPT that these were a few ingredients that made this past weekend’s Advanced Planning Visit (APV) such a beautiful and bonding experience! A massive thank you to the team and our brave participants, for giving us even more energy, inspiration and raw passion to make this youth exchange an empowering experience 💜🤟💪👣

Hasta July!!!!! 

hiking in Valstrona @ APV – may 4th 2019

with Dynamo International Mobilité Paradiso RitrovatoChaordica Fryshuset Göteborg

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APV Baby!

We’re getting ready and uuuuber excited for the Advanced Planning Visit (APV) which starts tomorrow! #timeflies

One participant and a group leader from each country will journey out of their local landscapes, through skies-scapes and across the valley of Strona to spend three days scheming and dreaming with each other in Piana di Forno, in preparation for the youth exchange this summer. Photographic treasures will follow. Until then, wish us lots of sunshine and warmth! 


Dynamo International Mobilité Chaordica Paradiso Ritrovato FRYSHUSET #apv #mountainlife #willtherebesun #planning #preparation#youthempowerment #leadership #adventure #erasmusplus

Full steam ahead!

We’re just a few weeks away from the youth exchange!!!

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