What is Chaordica?

Chaordica  is a platform that initiates events and projects to address social justice and structural exclusion. We do so by facilitating dynamic space-creation; spaces where everyone involved feels encouraged to contribute, shape and speak up.

“Chaordica aims to create dynamic, creative, inclusive and non-hierarchical spaces



We organise meetings, events, seminars, workshops, performances and courses that connect different initiatives and gather diverse people together around various social, cultural and political topics with contemporary relevance.

The themes we explore relate to:

Social justice; social inclusion; economic & environmental sustainability; degrowth; cultural expression; political practice; activism; gender & sexuality; social innovation & transformation ; active citizenship; empowerment; creativity

The methods we use include:

Cooperative games & interactive workshops; nonformal learning techniques; cultivating cultures of care and inclusion; developing skills that promote non-violent communication and interpersonal dialogue.

For our events to remain dynamic and our spaces stimulating, we blend and balance, on the one hand, critical and analytical thought, reflection, and the exchange of ideas and perspectives; on the other hand  we deeply value the transformative effects of engaged activism, action, and putting into practice concrete steps (microrevolutions!) that enable us to get closer and closer to the creation of more inclusive and engaged societies.




Through an engagement with these topics we aim to encourage the practice of (more) sustainable forms of active citizenship.

Our ambition is to facilitate creative laboratories; inspiring participants to empower themselves and others, to organise, learn, exchange, create and grow. Ad hoc, we aim to create bubbles of belonging where the status quo can be rethought, transformed and reinvented. Accumulated, our work can be framed in the long-run as facilitating ‘sustainable citizenship’. This means that we simultaneously attempt to expand the concept ‘sustainability’ beyond environmental concerns to include socio-political considerations such as economic viability, intergenerationality and social equity; while also practicing that we – as active ‘citizens’ – can take responsibility for ensuring safe, just and sustainable environments in which we can thrive and co-exist together.



mandril at ohp garden

Chaordica was born out of the union of four founders of the Mandril Cultural and Political Center  and post-graduates of the University College in “Liberal Arts and Sciences” (Maastricht, NL). Since 2012, we have been using creativity and the power of community to activate and empower individuals and collectives to contribute to sustainable citizenship by initiating, organising and managing projects and events.

We achieve this activation through art, philosophy, education, cultural engagement and political activism. Above all, by recognising everyone’s potential to think, analyse, act, create and be a like-minded member of society.

“We aim at being the bridge between implanting and activating educational initiatives,  thereby joining our diverse brains, bodies and perspectives to create social innovation

We form a diverse and creative work team, made up of professional facilitators, event organizers, pedagogical leaders, academics, anthropologists, activists, artists. Each of us and together, we are constantly experimenting and initiating inclusive and encompassing alternatives. We do so by using our extensive, synthesised networks and facilitating skills.

Core Team


Fanny Desvachez


Linda al Sharif


Amber In’t Veld

After managing together with her co-workers the Mandril Cultural and Political center for 4 years and her Liberals Arts diploma in hands, Céline has engaged in different social/cultural/political projects. She worked with youth empowerment through skills learning/sharing, handcrafts, sailing and outdoors. She likes to experiment and share knowledge, with others, through food, music and bodily activities. She is active and valus to part of creative cultural and artistic projects related to social innovation and gender struggles. Aside from her involvment with Chaordica as our action manager and food lover, she is a women of the winds, and sails with Greenpeace on the Rainbow Warrior as a sailor activist in different campaigns globally.

Celine Desvachez