Core Team


Fanny Desvachez

Fanny completed high school in India, in one of the 17 United World Colleges (UWC) making education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Out of the wish to unravel economic and political systemic flaws, she graduated with a MSc in Public Policy and Human Development.

She has since found empowerment in grassroots initiatives and soon understood that this is where her time and creativity was worth investing. She co-founded the Mandril Cultural and Political Center (MCPC), has worked as a researcher on a female agency and mobility project at the UNU-GCM in Barcelona, as a youth worker for the Red Cross Belgium and has organised a number of experiential courses for international groups of young people – both in collaboration with the UWC movement and independently in Italy, Turkey and Belgium. These experiences specialised her in group mediation, facilitation as well as intercultural and interpersonal dialogue.

To her, experiential education is a wonderful tool to create personal and socio-political change towards a sustainable and equitable world. Much of her current energy goes into building up a personal, regenerative and professional project in an abandoned medieval village in the Italian Alps.



Linda Al Sharif

Linda graduated cum laude with a MSc in Cultural Anthropology and Sustainable Citizenship and earned a BASc in Liberal Arts and Sciences. She specialised and conducted research in the fields of political science, sociology, culture and media studies, minority and social justice studies, postcoloniality and qualitative research.

She has since funnelled her energy and idealism into co-founding the Mandril Cultural and Political Centre, the Cultural Freezone Collective and Stichting Caracola. Currently, she works as a youth trainer for Critical Mass; a non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing social safety at schools through nonformal and experiential learning techniques, interactive games and exhibitions, group discussions and extensive training tracks for both teachers and pupils. As a freelancer, she produces and facilitates localised events around citizen’s initiatives and civil participation in policy making.

Personally, she’s shaped by a multicultural and trilingual upbringing spread over various countries; having several toes dipped in different cultures (whilst others remain faithful to glocality) effectively offered her a unique insight into cultural diversity (and similarities!). In her daily life, she’s a full-time social activist with a passion for ‘bridge-formation’ between different peoples and perspectives to facilitate mutual understanding.



Amber In’t Veld

Amber grew up in Spain and decided in 2010 to travel alone and work as a teacher in Nepal for 9 months. This sparked in her an interest in the complex dynamics that underlie our globalised world, and triggered critical reflections on topics such as privilege, power and cultural diversity. She graduated from University College Maastricht in 2015, where she gained in depth academic knowledge on these themes by majoring in sociology, political sciences and sustainability sciences. In order to further deepen her skills on social entrepreneurship, participatory leadership, group facilitation and non-formal education methods, she studied at the Youth Initiative Program in Sweden.

Driven by her passions for social justice, activism and building upon people’s capabilities through self-empowerment, she has co-founded the Mandril Cultural and Political Centre (Maastricht), organised a variety of international independent youth gatherings on sustainable citizenship (Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands), designed and taught a course on youth empowerment at the Vrije Hogeschool (the Netherlands), and coordinated a conference on the topics of migration and privilege in Sweden last year, among others. She is currently living in Brussels where she is part time developing as an artist and sing-and-songwriter, aiming to further connect creative practices with social and political activism.


After managing together with her co-workers the Mandril Cultural and Political center for 4 years and her Liberals Arts diploma in hands, Céline has engaged in different social/cultural/political projects. She worked with youth empowerment through skills learning/sharing, handcrafts, sailing and outdoors. She likes to experiment and share knowledge, with others, through food, music and bodily activities. She is active and valus to part of creative cultural and artistic projects related to social innovation and gender struggles. Aside from her involvment with Chaordica as our action manager and food lover, she is a women of the winds, and sails with Greenpeace on the Rainbow Warrior as a sailor activist in different campaigns globally.

Celine Desvachez

Céline has engaged in different social/ cultural/political projects. She worked with youth empowerment; through skills learning/sharing, handcrafts, sailing and outdoor activities. Notably, she was trained with the association “Bel Espoir” in Brittany as a youth worker, sailor and social facilitator. She likes to experiment and share knowledge, with others, through food, low-tec, music and bodily endeavours. She puts her energy in creative cultural and artistic projects related to social innovation and gender struggles. Aside from her involvement with Chaordica as our food logistics manager and action-taker, she is a woman of the winds and sails with Greenpeace on the Rainbow Warrior III, as a sailor (officer in becoming) and activist in different environmental campaigns, globally.