#hibye APV

What do Piana di Forno, participation, partnership, play, power, peaceful landscapes, planning, pizza’s, perfect vibes and 12 pppppretty cool people have in common? 

Not much… EXCEPT that these were a few ingredients that made this past weekend’s Advanced Planning Visit (APV) such a beautiful and bonding experience! A massive thank you to the team and our brave participants, for giving us even more energy, inspiration and raw passion to make this youth exchange an empowering experience 💜🤟💪👣

Hasta July!!!!! 

hiking in Valstrona @ APV – may 4th 2019

with Dynamo International Mobilité Paradiso RitrovatoChaordica Fryshuset Göteborg

#APV #erasmusplus #cocreation #pianadiforno #sweden #netherlands#belgium #italy #youthexchange #youthempowerment #sparkles#excitement #yay!

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